Lea’h Sampson as Melissa

Actress, stand up comedian, and writer Lea’h Sampson has performed for over 20 years. Beginning with her families living room, the play ground, school and local plays, commercials and film.

Wanting to take her acting career more seriously, Lea’h joined improv and acting classes in Austin, Tx. The training paid off as she is now signed by Austin’s Collier Talent Agency, and has since been offered many film and commercial roles.

Fast forward to today, where she balances touring as a stand up comedian while at the same time being able to pick up a script and portray each character with a story and a presence of her own.


Twitter: Leah_sampson1

Tik tok: leahsampson2

Tinus Seaux as Ryan

Born to a family of actors in Lafayette, Louisiana, Tinus joined his first cast with "Aesop's Fables" at the young age of seven. Twenty-three years and many productions later he is still spreading himself thin across film, theater, improv, stand-up, music and all other aspects of production.

Recently he starred as the leading role and produced a feature film that is making it's way through the festival season. "John Valley's The Pizzagate Massacre" has him portraying Duncan, a militiaman/conspiracy theorists trying to decipher the truth. From character acting in films to being completely natural in commercials, Tinus takes pride in his ability to mold himself to whoever or whatever the director needs him to be.


Jeffrey Knobloch

Texas native Jeffrey Knobloch is a veteran of the Austin Improv scene. Having honed his craft from Tom Booker and Asaf Ronen at the Institution Theater, Jeffrey frequently can be found performing at Fallout Theater or a local stand-up comedy club around Austin.

Jeffrey's starring role as Bobby, in the short film "A Very Special Christmas", has earned him a strong following with converted Christians in the Philippines.


Kelsey Marasch

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Kelsey has always been a performer. As child she could be found in your town's talent show, or hosting a local television series. Throughout her teens, she had supporting roles in musical theatre, and competed nationally in dance and vocal competitions.

Her supporting part as Regina in MTHU!, is her first role in film.


Taylor Fredricks

After years of pursuing a music career, Taylor found a passion with making films and music videos that was incomparable to writing music. After attending college for media communications for a couple of years, Taylor decided it was time to start his own production company, which stemmed the birth of Static Heart Productions.

Six years since SHP's fruition, Taylor and his team have made over two dozen short films and music videos.